Eid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Eid Jewelry Ideas are available in different varieties and designs mostly artificial jewelry will be used check out our selected designs and see what you can wear this festive season.

Wearing jewelry is an important task of a woman especially on the festive occasions like Eid.Eid and wedding events are those occasions where a woman likes to wear traditional dresses and wants to look different and chic by wearing stylish dresses and chic jewelry.

Jewelry is something that woman loves that’s why if someone has to give a gift to her beloved woman it can be his mother also then jewelry item is something that you can give it to her and she will be happy.

Eid Jewelry IdeasEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Wearing jewelry enhances the beauty of feminity and it will add some glamour to your Eid dresses.It is seen that married woman is more concerned about wearing jewelry then single girls especially heavy jewelry. Single girls prefer light and small jewelry items which will add just beauty and does not look extra. A variety of jewelry is always good when you’re looking for the right one, so maybe check out shoppok shopping for jewelry to suit your needs.

But for married woman, because they will be wearing a heavy traditional dress if they are newly married then heavy jewelry items are a must.

Eid Jewelry Items Available in Market

Some of the common jewelry items for Eid are as follows worn in both forms as artificial and original.

  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Bengals
  • Bands
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces

Bracelets For EidEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

On Eid, both young teens and older girls can wear different types of bracelets depending on their choice they can wear artificial or pure gold ones.They are not worn alone they can be worn in combination with other jewelry accessories but that is again your choice if you want to keep your Eid styling simple you can wear light bracelets just to add charm to your personality.

Heavy gold bracelets are also available which will be the choice of the married woman.If you are a newly wedd bride then wear your wedding jewelry while going out somewhere during this festive occasion.

Rings For EidEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Teen girls may not prefer rings because it is mostly worn by a married woman but if you are a teen and would like to wear nice little ring then you can choose artificial rings available in different shapes and sizes.

Besides gold, you have options for the silver and colorful rings which teen girls can match with their traditional dress which will be in colorful design.

Bands For EidEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Bands is another form of rings which are usually wedding rings.If you are a newly wedded bride then wear your wedding ring which was given to you on the day of your wedding.Some brides keep that in the closet for its safety and wear an artificial one of same design but it’s better to wear the original one.

Earrings Eid JewelryEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Earrings are even worn in daily routine but Eid earrings are different they are available in more stylish designs in both artificial and original gold forms it will be up to you which one you choose.

Earrings have a lot of versatility in design form because it is available in tiny to big “jhumka” designs which are worn on wedding events also.Colorful stones are also available in the earrings which you can choose from matching the color with your dress.

Pendants For EidEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Pendants are small necklace type jewelry accessories which teen girls like to wear even in their daily routine same like other jewelry items it is also available in artificial and gold forms.Artificial pendants are widely worn all over the world as a general jeweled item.

But because it is festive occasion like Eid you may want to choose a gold pendant if you are a lover of pendants.This jewelry item is available in so many different designs and styles that it will be hard for you to decide which one you want to wear.

Some have stones inside them of different colors which you can choose in the same color as of your dress.If you don’t like stones then don’t worry there are some nice designs available in pendants.

Necklaces For EidEid Jewelry Ideas Every Girl Should Try This Season 2017

Other jewelry items can be worn by teens and single girls but necklaces suits married a woman and an older woman because of its heavy look.There are some light necklaces available but if you want to wear a necklace wear a heavy one even if it’s artificial because its heavier look is better than wearing any other form of necklace otherwise you can wear a pendant.

All these jeweled items work great with your Eid dress because all of them have their own specialty and charm to make your styling more glamorous and perfect for the occasions like Eid.

Choosing an aritificial or real gold item will be up to you because nowadays even some artificial jewelry items will look similar to real gold.If you don’t want to spend extra bucks and wants to try new jewelry items then wear artificial gold otherwise you always have options of using your old jewelry.

On festive occasions like Eid traditional dresses are worn whether it’s a saree or shalwar kameez dress all these jewelry items will suit your personality and add more charm to it.If you have bought your Eid dress then go for jewelry shopping but if you are still confused about your Eid dress then recently a lot of brands have launched their Eid collection and fashionvilas.com have all covered for you.

These are some of the collections you must consider while going out for shopping there are more you can search on fashionvilas.com by the keyword Eid.There is still some time for the Eid you can still shop your dress that will suit your personality just see what brands have launched recently and chosen a dress according to your fashion taste.

We hope you will like our Eid Jewelry Ideas.Looking for some Eid Mehndi Designs check out Eid ul Fitr Mehndi Designs.

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