Rang Ja Eid Festive Season Dresses Colorful Collection 2017

Rang Ja Eid Festive Season Dresses consists of both casual type and semi-formal dresses that can be worn in the house while enjoying a party or going out somewhere.

Rang Ja is a colorful brand from Pakistan all their dresses are in modern colorful designs they design both modern and traditional dresses mostly you will see a mix of both from them.

While other brands are launching lawn shalwar kameez Rang Ja brand has other plans they have launched colorful modern dresses for young girls.

Rang Ja Eid Festive Season Dresses

Every brand is launching their special collections for the festive occasion Eid but most of them will be in luxury shalwar kameez patterns.What if you don’t like to wear shalwar kameez on Eid.Yes, it’s a traditional festive occasion dress but some of you might like to wear modern dresses this is what Rang Ja is giving you.Rang Ja Eid Festive Season Dresses Colorful Collection 2017

Ranga Ja has launched a beautiful Eid collection that has all the colors you need to wear during the summer and you can make your festive occasions like Ramadan and Eid more colorful by wearing dresses launched by Rang Ja.

You will see a wide range of ethnic cuts with a colorful range of modern dresses that are designed for teens and younger girls.Rang Ja has launched shalwar kameez on previous occasions but this time they decided to launch something for what they are known for.

Dresses like always are in superior quality it is one of those brands that will provide more quality like other textile brands in Pakistan.

Dazzling and sparkling colors are the specialty of Rang Ja brand which is loved by girls of all age groups more specifically around the younger generation.

Embroidery is the main selling point of any Pakistani dresses although it is more seen on shalwar kameez dresses but Rang Ja has designed modern traditional tops that have embroidery on them which is inspired by the traditional art of Pakistani fashion.

Tops of this collection are more like kurtis and long shirts are making this festive occasion collection more special all these tops are with colorful tights which are completing the colorful pattern of Rang Ja brand.

Have a look at Rang Ja Eid Festive Season Dresses from the below gallery and decide which dresses suits you on the upcoming occasion of Ramadan and Eid.

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