Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection 2018

Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection is back with new patterns and designs making storms in the Pakistan fashion industry just like their last collection.

Innovative, cutting edge and perfect from every fashion perspective the latest Crimson Luxe Collection by Saira Shakira is worth buying because of the designs and artistic work.

Winter is starting as soon as we all know winter is the season of parties and events especially the wedding so the strategy of almost every brand is to launch special occasion dresses during the winter.

There are some specific brands like Saira Shakira which usually launches fewer collections than any other common brand in Pakistan.

Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection

You will be seeing Maya Ali throughout the pictures of this collection showing the perfection of these dress in every different way.Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection 2018

Dresses in Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection provide effortless style, comfort and proud feeling of a stylish diva.

Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection is a complete catalog there are different types of modern and traditional Pakistani dresses mix with modern western dress patterns.

The brand has provided the luxury of choosing all different types of dresses available in traditional and western fashion they have introduced a catalog which contains so many different types so there will be something for your style choice.

Price range is usually around 11,900 almost all dresses have the same prices if you buy from the official store or website online. But retailers may have different price tags depending on the availability of a specific dress.

Since this collection is launched in Autumn season so you will get a mix of summer and winter dresses. Usually, summer designs are mixed with early winter clothing fabrics.

Colors are usually lite because its still hot in the daytime and this collection is not only for the night events you can wear it in office while going out on somewhere or any other social gathering that requires some style.

Embroidered patterns can be clearly seen on modern shalwar kameez dresses and available on some modern dresses too.Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection 2018

Saira Shakira is not a common brand so you won’t be finding their collections everywhere with daily wearing dresses. Because it’s a special brand they launch collections only when the season is changing and their outstanding work is in the bridal category.

Started in 2011, now in 2018 one of the best brands for luxury and bridal dresses started with an idea of two friends wanted to wear something they like and everyone can wear publically in social gatherings.

Started from the small studio store now label have their own stores in Lahore and slowly progressing towards the other cities in Pakistan.

It doesn’t matter where you are living because of online service you can buy their dresses from anywhere you just need to confirm the availability of delivery.

Crimson” is Saira Shakira’s luxury brainchild which was launched for summer first and now we are seeing winter dresses in this catalog. It’s still not a complete winter collection because of some summer dress designs but there will be a complete winter collection in near future.

Saira Shakira Luxe Crimson Collection 2018

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