2 Piece Printed Cambric Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection

Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection was released recently which had all the new designs and fabrics which can be worn during the summer end season.

Gul Ahmed is the biggest textile brand in Pakistan and is first to launch pre-fall collection a complete catalog of different designs and fabrics for formal and casual wearing.

This post is about 2 Piece Printed Cambric Shirts which you can pair with trousers or jeans and can be worn on formal and special occasions.

Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection2 Piece Printed Cambric Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection

Summer is ending as we can feel the cold breeze at night it’s the start of September which brings new breeze and change of fashion and styles. Colors of summer will still be used but fabrics are changing so does the designs that’s why you need to update your wardrobe now with latest trends of fashion and styles.

Gul Ahmed has always launched new trends during the Autumn season that’s why this Pre Fall Collection is a complete catalog of different designs. In this post, we are sharing only the cambric shirts for other fabrics and designs check our later posts.

Instead of using dark color tones which we usually see in fall collections designer team of Gul Ahmed has used lighter shades because the sun is still shining high around daytime.

This 2 Piece collection is for young girls because of the simple design and artistic prints which can be worn anywhere during this Pre Fall season.

Gul Ahmed has presented different types of long and short shirts they have not limited it to one type of limited design. You will find different varieties of colors and artwork some are in simplistic designs and some are bit more formal and glamorous design.

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Available at all leading Gul Ahmed stores and online shops you can visit Gul Ahmed official store and buy your favorite 2 Piece Printed Cambric Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection.

2 Piece Printed Cambric Pre Fall Gul Ahmed Collection

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