Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection

Digital Cotton Satin from the house of Gul Ahmed has been launched recently titled “Shaleen” collection available nationwide and all leading retail outlets.

Gul Ahmed is top clothing manufacturer in Pakistan having collections ranging from casual to formal designs in different types of fabrics. They are one of those brands which will launch so many collections in a season by utilizing different fabrics based on the season.

Autumn has already started and you can feel the cold in the mornings and nights we are slowly moving towards the winter season and every fashion diva should need to update their wardrobe.

Gul Ahmed is the only brand in Pakistan that launches collection throughout the year even when a slight change in weather appears you can see Gul Ahmed collection.

Digital Cotton Satin Dresses

Before the current season, Gul Ahmed has utilized lawn fabric to great extent but as the cold breeze is entering the atmosphere especially in northern and most areas of Punjab brands like Gul Ahmed have started to launch a thicker fabric which is enough to provide comfort to your body.Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection

Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection is all about the passion of life and colors as you can see in the images designer team have worked hard on designs because it’s the mid-season so summer designs are still in fashion but as days are passing fabrics will become thicker.

Embroidered patterns and artwork can be seen in all parts of dress especially on the bottom side of shirts because it will be more clearly visible while walking.

Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection is designed for semi-formal and casual wearing you can wear these dresses in your daily routine and can wear them on different occasions.

Because of the simplistic design approach, other stylish fashion accessories are easy to pair so you can create your own style statement.

Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection is launched under Ideas brand as we all know Ideas is a sub-brand by Gul Ahmed to promote and celebrate the fashion for the younger generation.

Usually, you will find young girls clothing under the ideas brand because Gul Ahmed knows the importance of young generation fashion. Young girls are more adoptable to new fashion and they shop a lot then an older woman who have their own sophisticated style.

“Shaleen” is all about digital printed floral and linear satin prints designed to perfection and marked with contemporary elegance.

It’s a fusion of colors plates from deep jewels to soft pastel patterns with some mix of neutral shades. Available with both casual and formal outfits you just need to find the perfect dress that suits your personality and style.

Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection is now available on all leading stores and ideas online store. A price range of these dresses is from 1,250 to 3,250 rupees.

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We are uploading some images of Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection to view the complete album visit our Facebook page and do let us know your thoughts.

Gul Ahmed Digital Cotton Satin Ideas Collection

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