Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection Saira Shakira 2017

Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection by Saira Shakira is in luxury traditional designs and patterns that will take your Eid dressing to next level.

Last year on Eid Saira Shakira launched their Fancy Eid Collection which got fame and they established as a versatile brand who launches fancy and formal dresses that are inspired by western designs but have the traditional art.

This year for the Eid Ul Azha the duo of Saira Shakira is bringing yet another exciting collection known as Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection which has dresses that will make you feel special on the special occasion of Eid.

Crimson Luxe Festive Eid CollectionCrimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection Saira Shakira 2017

As you can guess by the name it’s a luxury collection based on exotic designs and colors which will make you stylish diva on any occasion not just Eid.Because just after the Eid wedding season will start and you must have to attend some marriage ceremonies where you want to look great in a traditional and stylish way.

You get style and class from Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection because it has everything from simple style to exotic formal designs.This collection includes varieties of different designs that you can wear all year long from semi formal to formal occasions and Eid days.

Colors are important as a season is changing slowly summer is going away currently it’s the humid season which demands light fabric dresses so you won’t feel much sweat and can breathe easily in any form of dress.

This is a collaboration between two fancy traditional dress designers Crimson itself is a huge brand known for bridal and fancy modern dresses and we all know the capabilities of Saira Shakira.

Just on previous Eid Crimson launched Crimson Eid Lawn which had similar sort of dresses which you will see in Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection.

You will see a mix of both the modern design of Crimson and traditional patterns of Saira Shakira in this dynamic Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection.

Crimson Luxe Festive Eid Collection Saira Shakira 2017