Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat Collection 2016

Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat Collection are classic Eid dresses for businessmen that can be worn this festive season see all the designs and colors of waistcoats. 

Edenrobe is one of the leading clothing manufacturer for men,women and children in Pakistan all of their dresses are in ready made traditional forms that are loved by all.

It has become the common household brand now because they have dresses for all the members of the family recently they have launched many Eid collections in this post we will be discussing their Men’s wear.

Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat Collection

Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat

When it comes to men traditional dresses Edenrobe is one of the top brands out there this season they have two different types of men’s Eid wear we have shared the first one before in Edenrobe Men Eid Kurta Designs that was purely classic kurtas.

But now they have launched a bit more formal and focused towards businessmen dresses that are waistcoats which is the traditional clothing piece that is worn by the men who are in business or some higher officials.

Its not necessary that only some top person can wear it a teen boy can wear these also but because these are liked more by businessmen these are now categorized as businessmen dress in Pakistan.

Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat Collection

Waistcoat dresses have been launched by Edenrobe so many times with different designs according to the season for summer they have launched light fabrics which are on kurta shalwar which is inside the waistcoat.You can wear these on your Eid dresses of your own choice too.

Available in colors like red,blue,white,black,purple,brown and some other shades choice are so versatile can be easily paired with any color kurta shalwar you have.These waistcoats will add more beauty and more traditional look to your Eid dress.

Edenrobe Eid Mens Waistcoat Collection is available in different price tags with various art work and plain designs available for you see all the designs below and then buy from Edenrobe website here.

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