Men Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar By Orient Textiles 2016

Men Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar are formal dresses for men with waistcoats of different designs and colors that are paired with light colored shalwar kameez and kurtas.

Orient textiles is a well known and trusted brand for women they have their men collections too which are not in great numbers like women clothing but still designs are extravagant and elegant that every man will love.

Orient textiles have recently launched their men Eid collection which have light colored kurta shalwar and shalwar kameez dresses with waistcoats of different colors.

Men Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar

Men Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar By Orient Textiles 2016 3

Waistcoats are worn on special occasions like Eid or weddings this is a winter fashion item which is worn all over the year because in summer light fabrics are used but still its not much worn in summer.Because of Eid to add more cultural touch to dresses brands will launch waistcoats with kurta shalwar.

Because you won’t be wearing it for the whole day you just need to wear it to some specific occasion for some time only not for long time.These are classic Pakistani waistcoats that have charm to attract others towards you loved by man of all ages specially the businessmen because these are more formal type of fashion items.

Waistcoats are available in light and darker shades you will see some pictures of red and blue waistcoat which cab be worn with these dresses at night event.If you are going out in day time then you can take off the waistcoat and wear only kurta shalwar.

Men Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar

Lighter shades are more seen in men clothing with plain looks not much fancy or any embroidery work is done because some man prefer plain designs that’s why brands don’t over do the design work on men shalwar kameez and these┬áMen Eid Waistcoat Kurta Shalwar are perfect for person who are looking for simple stylish designs.

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