Bonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat Collection 2017

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat Collection is trendy stylish waistcoats designed in the digitally printed art which will add more style to your Eid kurta shalwar.

Bonanza’s Satrangi is adding colors to your life by launching colorful Eid collection and men accessories you must have already seen Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection and saw men waistcoats which will be shown in this post.

Just some years ago Bonanza was considered as the accessory brand they were only launching sweaters and other winter clothing essentials but over the years they are now transformed into a complete brand which has a range of traditional and western style dresses for both men and woman.

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat CollectionBonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat Collection 2017

Recently famous brands have launched waistcoats for men you can view Junaid Jamshed Eid Waistcoat and Edenrobe Festive Waistcoats to see the traditional waistcoats launched for the Eid.

But Bonanza has done something differently while others have launched simple and colorful waistcoats Bonanza have used digitally printed patterns to design their waistcoats.

Waistcoats provide a formal look to simple shalwar kameez it adds classic style which simple shalwar kameez is lacking.Men love to wear waistcoats on special occasions like Eid and weddings for Eid brands always launch their new designs which are stylish.

But for the other day’s simple waistcoats are also available that can be worn anywhere with any colored shalwar kameez dress.

Features of Eid Waistcoats

  • Digital printed front and back
  • Cambric Fabric
  • Plain designs are also available
  • Colorful designs

Some men prefer waistcoats in the winter season because it adds an extra layer of clothing in summer which makes uncomfortable.But these cambric fabric waistcoats are soft and comfy these will not make you uncomfortable during the summer festive events of Eid and weddings.

Besides Eid Waistcoats are worn on formal meetings and social gatherings this clothing accessory is must have for the festive occasions so check Bonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat Collection designs and find the perfect match for your Eid Kurta Shalwar.

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Waist-Coat Collection 2017

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