Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017

Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection are unstitched Eid dresses for woman and men, we are first sharing woman embroidered shalwar kameez for the Eid.

Bonanza was considered as the winter accessory brand some years back but now they are more versatile and have launched dresses for men and woman in both western style and traditional designs.

Traditional dresses of Bonanza is launched under the sub-brand named Satrangi which is a woman clothing wear but have men dresses too.

Just like every other brand Bonanza have launched their casual and semi-formal Eid dresses for men and woman first we are going to show you woman Eid Shalwar Kameez.

Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid CollectionBonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017

Satrangi means 7 colors of the rainbow which is seen in every collection of Bonanza they include different colorful patterns with beautiful embroidery work.Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection have bright geometric patterns which will add more colors in your lifestyle.

Unlike other brands who have launched modern lawn dresses like Anaya Bonanza’s Satrangi collection is based on traditional designs which are seen every year.Patterns are different but designs of dresses are same you usually see from Bonanza they haven’t tried anything extra.

This collection is all about colors and how these colors will affect your beauty and style and bringing more happiness to your lifestyle.Colors make us happy that’s why Bonanza have named their sub-brand Satrangi so the woman can always expect colorful designs from them.

For the festive season, every brand is doing something different some are using luxury designs like you have seen in Maheen Taseer Luxury Lawn while some are sticking to the basic traditional designs with more colors and artwork.

Video Teaser of Bonanza Eid Collection

Bonanza has shared their video teaser of the dresses launched in Satrangi Eid Collection this video not only contains woman Eid Shalwar Kameez it also has the men waistcoat launched by Bonanza.

Dresses by Bonanza are always special because they have the colors of the traditional art of Pakistan so why don’t make this Eid more colorful by wearing Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection.

Bonanza Satrangi Colors of Eid Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017

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