Edenrobe Eid Family Collection Summer 2016

Edenrobe Eid Family Collection have dresses for every person in the family see all the trendy designs that Edenrobe have launched for this Eid Ul Fitr.

Edenrobe have launched many new collections recently we have covered all of them for our readers there is another collection that all members of the family need to see and that’s the complete family collection.

Over the years Edenrobe have been designing traditional dresses for women,children and men and they got success because of their ready made designs that are updated every season.

Although being ready made dress you can ask for customization too which will be done by the experienced staff and you can cut or ask for loosing of any dress or even more customization.

Edenrobe Eid Family Collection

Edenrobe Eid Family Collection Summer 2016

Edenrobe have surprise for all members of the family now you can shop all at one place and match dresses with each other its a complete collection you don’t need anything else.

All dresses are available in reasonable prices so if you are going to invest for Eid then do it all together where you can shop under one roof.

Children Dresses

For children all the trendy shalwar kurta and frocks,skirts for little girls are available small waistcoats are also available for your little boys.

Edenrobe Eid Family Collection

Just like the older women kurtis little kurtis are available for little girls if mother and daughter wants to look identical then buy the same color and find the same type of printed patterns.

Women Dresses

Women dresses in this collection are very trendy have beautiful embroidered printed designs all over the kurti dresses are with plain trousers some have designs but most of them are available in plain forms.

Can be worn anywhere you like even after Eid dresses are 2 pieces all the color palettes are according to the summer trends that are more seen now a days.

Men Dresses

Kids and women dresses had some modern designs but men collection is completely traditional with kurta shalwars and waistcoats.

We have shown some of these designs in Eid Mens Waistcoat and Men Eid Kurta there are more variety in this family collection.

Edenrobe Eid Family Collection have everything from colors to prints and trends with some modern dress designs and classic kurta shalwar this is a complete collection a family needs to buy for festive season.


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