Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar Summer 2016

Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar are plain design festive season dresses for this Eid Ul Fitr check out all the new designs by Bonanza from the gallery below.

Bonanza was not much seen on this summer fashion scene because they are considered as one of the major winter clothing brand but from some years they are launching some trendy summer dresses for both men and women.

Their start was western clothing but now they are completely in traditional clothing too recently they have launched Eid Kurta shalwar for men which is worth looking.

Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar

Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar

Its the last 10 days of Ramadan and every person is ready for shopping specially men who like shopping in the later days of Ramadan.There are many new collections launched recently consisting of kurta shalwar dresses for men but Bonanza have their own class and style.

Bonanza’s kurta shalwar is simple plain and stylish it had some designs around the shoulder and neckline and some are around the buttons area.Men traditional clothing usually does not have any much fancy work because they want everything in simple plain design.

Light colors are chosen for the dresses because of summer season you can wear these after Eid also on special occasions or for everyday clothing.These kurta shalwars are very comfortable and can be worn all day long because of light fabrics used.

Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar

Every person who wears these dresses will look descent and stylish on this festive season you can wear any type of traditional chappal or footwear you have bought.

Footwear color should be in black or brown because of the dress shades are in blue,black,brown collar and pocket section have some little embroidery work not much fancy work is done to make this collection more descent.

Bonanza Men Eid Kurta Shalwar is worth buying because of the brand itself and dress designs you can look at all of them below and find the one which suits you.

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