Chevin Shirley Eid Men Kurta Shalwar Dresses 2016

Chevin Shirley Eid Men Kurta Shalwar are trendy and stylish shalwar kameez for this festive occasion check out all the new designs launched by brand.

Lots of men Eid clothing have been launched recently we have covered all of them for our readers and style lovers men Eid dresses are totally based on traditional design.

Boys usually love to wear kurta shalwar and classic shalwar kameez for festive occasions like Eid this time Eid is in core hot temperature so you need comfortable light fabrics that you can wear around.

Chevin Shirley Eid Men Kurta Shalwar

Chevin Shirley Eid Men Kurta Shalwar Dresses 2016 6

Chevin Shireley have been around from some years but because their outlets are not available in every city some of you might not have heard of them.But you can now order online and get their dresses at your door steps brand is slowly progressing with new collection launched recently.

Plain designs of kurta shalwar have been launched with some printed and embroidery work around neckline and buttons area as you can see in the pictures only collar,neckline and button area have been decorated otherwise complete dress is left plain.

Same designs you will see on neckline and collar are on sleeves area too brand have produced something unique that every man will love to wear during the festive season.

Chevin Shirely Eid Men Kurta Shalwar

Color choices are so many you can get black,blue,brown,white and other main colors that man usually wear in summer fabrics are light and comfortable that can be worn anywhere without feeling any problem.

You can wear these dresses at night and in sun light too can be worn with any type of footwear you like but traditional chappals and sandals are more preferred to be completely in traditional attire.

Chevin Shirley Eid Men Kurta Shalwar collection is perfect for boys of every age group you can view the complete gallery here and buy by contacting the brand at their Facebook page here.

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