Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection Al Zohaib 2017

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection has the dreamy color designs and patterns that you were looking for this Eid Ul Azha launched by Al Zohaib textiles.

Al Zohaib textiles have many sub collections which are launched in collaborations with other designers and one of the most famous is Tabassum Mughal collections which are always in luxury and modern designs.

Tabassum Mughal is a formal shalwar kameez collection that is launched whole year during different events it can be a start of summer, festive events like Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Azha, or the start of winter you will always see something new exciting and luxury work from Al Zohaib in their Tabassum Mughal collections.

Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses were launched on Eid Ul Fitr and now for this Eid Ul Azha Al Zohaib have Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection in modern designs and colors in different fabrics.

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid CollectionTabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection Al Zohaib 2017

This latest collection from Al Zohaib textiles will take you in the world of glamour with its luxury designs and modern patterns you can wear these dresses on all three days of Eid.Each dress is different so you have many options available to buy a dress that you can wear for later events too.

Just after Eid, there will be some wedding ceremonies and these dresses can be worn on weddings too season is changing that’s why Al Zohaib have used different fabrics.

Al Zohaib is one of the best economical luxury fashion house in Pakistan their dresses are always special and inspiring especially Tabassum Mughal collections which they launched some years ago and each year fashionistas wait for this collection so they can wear traditional glamour dresses.

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection Includes:

  • Embroidered digital printed kameez
  • Digital printed silk dupatta
  • Digital printed embroidered sleeves of each dress
  • Embroidered dyed trousers

You can make your own fashion statement with Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection because these dresses are in a range of every common woman available from a price range of 6-8 thousand rupees you can easily buy a luxury dress whereas other brands are selling Eid dresses from 30 thousand.Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection Al Zohaib 2017

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection is inspired by colors of nature and Autumn art which are translated into digitally printed designs that you are seeing on the kameez of this collection.

Colors are fresh that you will see in this season evenings and nights are getting cooler you will enjoy wearing these colors on any special event.

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Eid Collection Al Zohaib 2017

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