Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses By Al Zohaib 2017

Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses are the luxury in designs with delicate embroidery work which will make you feel special on the upcoming Eid and events later to come.

As Eid is coming closer more luxury and stylish collections are launching from the top brands in Pakistan recently Al Zohaib has launched number of festive season formal and casual collections.

Al Zohaib is the common brand in Pakistan ranging collections from casual to formal wear in reasonable prices so every common woman can buy them and become stylish like all other in the society.

We have seen this a lot Al Zohaib usually collaborates with other designers and brands to produce something special for the special event and this collection is by Tabassum Mughal.

Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive DressesTabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses By Al Zohaib 2017

Tabassum Mughal collections are formal dresses launched by Al Zohaib during the summer and festive season time.Fashionvilas have shared every previous collection you can view Tabassum Mughal Luxury Lawn to see the designs which were launched last year.

Over the years Tabassum Mughal designs have become more matured and special for the special event like Eid.Different striking eye catchy designs has been used with delicate embroidery to make a woman special in Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses.

Features of this Eid Collection

  • Delicate golden embroidery
  • Floral graphic embroidery
  • Middle cut jacket type tops
  • Floral embroidery on dupatta
  • Modern cut work on trousers
  • Wide leg pants
  • Colorful tights
  • Heavily embroidered patterns on the mid area of shirts
  • Full neck designs

Each dress of Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses Collection is designed with detailed embroidery work which is clearly seen from far away.Some collections launched recently doesn’t have this prominent embroidery which is done heavily on the front side of the shirts.

You must have seen lot’s of Eid designs before and must be thinking why should you buy these designs? the answer is simple designs patterns are unique and different from all other recently launched Eid collections.Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses By Al Zohaib 2017

Pakistani fashion industry is growing day by day everyone knows they can expect a new design from any brand and this time it’s Al Zohaib who is providing modern traditional designs in their Tabassum Mughal Eid Festive Dresses Collection.

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