Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection 2017

Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection is different from other Eid collections launched these shalwar kameez dresses are in retro and bohemian styles.

Orient Textiles is one of the leading textile industry that launched clothes for the common woman they now have men dresses too but their focus is mainly on woman clothing.Started just a few years ago they were very active launching collections for every season but this year we haven’t seen much of them whereas other textile brands have launched so many collections for one particular season.

As now, the season is changing and festive occasion of Eid Ul Azha is near brand have launched Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection which will make you classy and retro in style for this festive occasion.

Orient Textiles Sawan Eid CollectionOrient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection 2017

Dresses of Eid Ul Azha will be slightly different from what you saw on Eid Ul Fitr because of changing season and brands try to improve their designs what they introduced earlier.

The main focus of brands are on wedding season and Eid that’s why you will see some brands launching luxury formal dresses that can be worn later on wedding ceremonies.

Orient Textiles has launched modern shalwar kameez dresses before but this Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection is totally different from what they were doing before it’s in retro and bohemian style and that theme is translated to traditional shalwar kameez which gives the modern shape to simple shalwar kameez dress.Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection 2017

Dress types are different you have options to choose from different colors and styles based on your fashion taste.Girls prefer to go completely traditional on festive occasions like Eid but there are some who likes to wear modern dresses but looking for shalwar kameez or any other sort of traditional dress for them who are looking for something traditional and something modern Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection is the best choice.

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Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection is a mix of both worlds you will get modern shalwar kameez as well as traditional shalwar kameez as we mentioned choices of dresses are so many you can easily find the dress type you are looking to wear this festive season.

Orient Textiles Sawan Eid Collection 2017

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