Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017-18

Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses are for casual and semi-formal occasions woman can enjoy the fresh colors of this season with this collection.

Sapphire is a new brand launched just some years ago and have become one of the top formal wear brands because of their design and artwork which they produce in the start of every new season.They are not like one of those brands who launches so many collections in a season they will have fewer collections one for the start of new season and that collection is worth looking when you will be going to buy new dresses.

When the new season starts everyone starts searching for new season clothes especially woman they like to buy new dresses every season and in Pakistani fashion, there are lot’s of choices available when you are thinking to go to the market to buy a dress for yourself.

Nowadays modern brands are producing beautiful patterns and embroidered prints on shalwar kameez dresses and brands like Sapphire are top of them.

Sapphire have bridal and luxury formal collections too but their latest collection is based on formal and semi-formal prints this collection is available in different colors and fabrics.

Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses

Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017-18

Sapphire has made their mark in the market because of their design patterns because young girls prefer modern colorful embroidered dresses and you will see that in every collection.

Whether it’s Eid or Wedding events Sapphire collections are perfect for events and official gatherings.Prints are inspired by floral patterns and dreams designers have used their imaginative artistic prints and converted them into beautiful patterns of Pakistani fashion.

Khadija Shah is behind this beautiful collection you will love each and every piece of clothing produced by her.It’s a unstitched collection available in 3 pcs dresses.

Brand got success in their previous lawn collection but now lawn season has gone and brands are using cambric and linen for the dresses of this season.Winter has so many fabric choices for Pakistani designers you will see collections in different fabrics till the spring season.

Available in the market as “Intermix” collection have mix colors and embroidered printed work so you can look stylish anywhere you go.Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017-18

Clean silhouettes and pastel colors will take your breath away because these are designed in a glamorous way.You can buy Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses online on the official web of Sapphire or from the retail outlets having Sapphire collections.

Price range is economical you can buy these dresses easily in the range of 2-5 thousand rupees in one set of dress you will get.

  • Textured Duppata
  • Cambric Shirts
  • Cambric Trousers
  • Embroidery work is done on each part of dress

Each dress has unique names based on its characteristics you can see all designs from the gallery below and find the perfect dress to wear to the events of the winter season.Sapphire Winter Collection has everything from traditional modern dresses to classic shalwar kameez dress.

Sapphire Winter Collection Embroidered Dresses 2017-18

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