Sapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn Dresses 2017

Sapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn Dresses are for casual and semi-formal wearing designed for the younger girls who likes to wear funky colors during the summer season.

This is the second volume of summer lawn by one of the emerging brand in Pakistan Sapphire these designs are more focused towards the younger girls because of the colors and artwork on the tops.Sapphire is slowly growing in the field of lawn and formal dresses before that they were only considered as the special occasion dress brand.

But from past few years, they have been regularly launching casual and formal lawn so the woman of every class can enjoy the stylish dresses produced by the Sapphire brand.Dresses produced by Sapphire are always in higher quality and prints are the main focus of their selling.

Last year there was a fight between women on the sale occasion of Sapphire dresses that shows the brand quality and importance to the buyers.Even their normal designs will look like a formal collection of another brand to you because of their design quality.Recently they have introduced series of lawn dresses this is the second volume of their unstitched shalwar kameez.

Sapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn DressesSapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn Dresses 2017

This is the second volume of their summer lawn series they are quite fast in launching summer lawn this season and couple of collections are already available in stores now.By looking at the designs you will like to have all the designs in your closet which later you can wear on different occasions.

Sapphire word is inspired by the stone of sapphire brand aim is to produce clothes that are precious like the stone and have the same type of designs.

Designs of Sapphire Shalwar Kameez

Sapphire shalwar kameez are always in colorful designs this current collection you are seeing are inspired from illustration artwork of paints.That’s why you are seeing lots of colorful prints on the middle of the shirts which are in lawn fabrics.

To make you feel comfortable Sapphore have launched lawn collections which are what every brand is up to nowadays because of a selling point.Every class of women likes to wear lawns no matter of its price that’s why formal lawns are getting fame this season.

Sleeveless or full sleeves you name it every type of dress is available in this collection trousers are in colorful designs that are matching with shirts.On their previous collection brand have introduced plain trousers but this time there is more contrast in colors.

Why Lawn Fabric?

There are so many fabrics for the summer season but have you ever wondered why lawn fabric only although brand like Gul Ahmed is launching every fabric that you can wear in summer.But other brands are only focusing on lawn there are many reasons behind it.

  • Cost less
  • Easy to design
  • Selling ratio is high
  • Comfortable for the summer hot days

These are some of the common points for choosing lawn but that is from both customer and seller point of view if you consider just as a customer then we all know lawn is selling because of the comfortable nature and prints that are available on it.

If you scroll back on previous posts then you will notice a lot of lawn different designs and prints that are available at different prices.Higher prices mean more quality and superb embroidery but that is not always the case as you are seeing Sapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn Dresses prices are also mentioned on the pictures.

Which means you can buy a high-quality stuff in normal price tags which are available in so many numbers now every big brand have launched their summer lawn in their own way.Some are designing formal collections and some are stick to casual designs while some collections are in between casual and semi-formals.

After seeing Sapphire Unstitched Summer Lawn Dresses image gallery below tell us in the comment field why you want to wear lawn only and stay tuned for more lawns in different designs till then enjoy these images.

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