Yasmeen Jiwa Summer Luxury Shalwar Kameez Collection 2017

Yasmeen Jiwa Summer Luxury Shalwar Kameez is unique and sleek in designs that will make you chic and stylish during this summer season find out more below.

Yasmeen Jiwa is known for her pretĀ formal luxury designs in traditional artwork like every other designer and brand Yasmeen Jiwa has also launched a beautiful luxury collection with colors that are pleasing to your eyes.

The designer is always focused towards the season colors for winters she will use dark colors and for the summer she has used light color shades with pastel and other hues that are worth looking for shopping if you are going to purchase a summer party wear dress.

Yasmeen Jiwa Summer Luxury Shalwar Kameez

This collection is also known as summer blossoms as the name you will see floral prints and nature artwork of the summer with light colored embroidery.Mostly colors are related to white and off-white shades and embroidery printed work is in other colors to have the contrast of different colors that are worn during the summer season.

Because this is a formal luxury collection so not only shalwar kameez are included you can see a saree also in the image gallery that is also designed in a luxury way with net light fabrics giving you chic look in stylish traditional attire.

Other dresses are in 3 pcs different from conventional shalwar kameez you must have seen from the other brands because the designer wanted to make a difference that’s why her designs are different and eye catchy.All the dresses are launched for the special occasions there are plenty of them coming in a month.

First is Ramadan for complete 30 days you will be enjoying Aftaar parties with friends and family and then its Eid so there are many occasions coming in next few months where dresses of these types will be suitable to wear.Because these are crafted in soft and comfortable fabrics you can wear them any day even in burning temperature of 48 degrees.

Yasmeen Jiwa Summer Luxury Shalwar Kameez is available online also you can shop from Yasmeen Jiwa Facebook page by sending a message to the brand about buying a dress.

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