Black & White Bonanza Winter Dresses 2017-18

Bonanza Winter Dresses are available in so many different designs and patterns in both western and eastern designs this latest collection is about eastern designs.

“Satrangi is Bonanza’s eastern clothing line where brand mostly launches woman shalwar kameez dresses both casuals and formal wears.

It’s the beginning of the new season so fresh new colors will be seen in latest collections of every brand and Satrangi clothing line of Bonanza is famous for it’s traditional designs and prints.

Black color is usually worn around the cold days in different forms and designs you will see lot’s of black combinations this fall-winter till the spring.

Designers use this color for embroidery and some use it on complete dress with some other mix colors.These Bonanza Winter Dresses are in black and white color combinations with modern designs and printed work.

Black & White Bonanza Winter Dresses

Black & White Bonanza Winter Dresses 2017-18

This collection has several different types of black and white dresses some will have a black color and some will have a white color.This is basically a casual collection which often can be worn on special occasions if dressed and matched properly with other accessories.

Bonanza have high quality fabrics so dresses from the House of Bonanza lasts longer we all have sweaters of Bonanza in our wardrobe which we usually wear around the cold days.Because of quality materials that thing lasts long same high quality materials are available for their shalwar kameez dresses too.

It’s just the start of the season so brands are using less thicker fabrics which can be worn in day time too because day time is relatively hotter then night.

Nights are chilly and cold you can wear any of the dresses shown in night events if you recently joined college or university then for the start of new season you must be having a welcome orientation party or some other event at your institute.

These dresses are perfect for these types of occasions where you don’t have to look more fancy and luxurious but still wants to look stylish.

In recent months Bonanza haven’t launched much collections just a Eid Collection which was couple of months ago.But they are regularly launching men clothing items which can only be seen at their website because they don’t promote them much as they do for their woman clothing items.

Bonanza Satrangi dresses are one of the best buys for every season for this winter there will be more Satrangi collections till then enjoy the colors of these Bonanza Winter Dresses.

Black & White Bonanza Winter Dresses 2017-18

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