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Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection 2017-18

Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection was launched recently and it’s based on modern and traditional prints and designs have a look at complete designs below.

Nishat Linen is one of the most famous brands for casual and formal wears they are one of those brands who launches seasonal collections first in the casual category because they focus common woman of Pakistan.

Nishat Linen has versatility in designs and fusion of fashion can be seen in their collections you can’t call them completely traditional brand or complete modern brand because their collections have everything from modern designs patterns to traditional artwork.

Winter is almost going to start in 15 days almost every brand have launched their winter collection just for the start if winter not for the extremely cold days.Nishat Linen latest collection for the winter is based on casual dresses which young girls can wear anywhere they want.

Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection

Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection 2017-18

Casual collections are sold more than formal ones because formal dresses are worn only on specific occasion and for the specific time whereas casual dresses have been worn daily.

Pakistani twin actresses Aiman and Minal Khan are the brand ambassadors this time for Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection.You will also see some new faces wearing this latest collection photoshoot have been done in the beautiful city of Turkey.

Every modern woman closet is incomplete without the Nishat Linen collections and this latest winter collection is much awaited for the season.It’s an early winter collection so you can expect some thin fabrics in it since night time is cooler nowadays so you can wear these dresses in night time while going out somewhere.

The designer team behind Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection have used winter colors and prints NL designers are one of the experts in designing dresses and prints according to the season.

Fabric quality from NL is always high and their dresses are long lasting you can buy any dress from Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection and can wear it in years to come.This collection has lot’s of different designs to choose from some are completely traditional some are modern and some are a fusion of both modern and traditional designs.

These dresses will spice up your winter days and night whether it’s a social gathering, family gathering or a college event Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection has everything you need to wear this season and show up your style statement.Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection 2017-18

Fabrics Used:

  • Khaddar
  • Karandi
  • Linen

The best thing about winter collections is that they are available in different fabrics just like in this Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection fabrics like Khaddar, Karandi and Linen are involved you can buy your favorite fabric based on season conditions too.

Just like linen is thinner in these it can be worn in the daytime and when the sun is high during the winter karandi and khaddar are thick fabrics which will protect your body from cold breeze and also provides you the style.

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The price range of this winter collection is from two to three thousand rupees which are economical and in buying the power of every common woman.It’s a huge collection have so many dresses designers have given you the choice to choose the dress according to your fashion taste so let’s check out some of the designs launched you can buy these dresses online also on NL website.

Nishat Linen Casual Winter Collection 2017-18


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