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Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection 2017-18

Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection was launched recently and had all the exciting new colors and designs that woman should be wearing in the upcoming season.

It’s October which is considered as the winter season in some areas but in some parts of the country it will be humid and hot but nights are chilly and cool that’s why brands have started to launch their winter collections.

Lala is one of the oldest textile brands in Pakistan their dresses are in economical rates and are in high-quality materials they design for the common woman and wanted every Pakistani woman to look fashionable and wear stylish dresses that are designed for the house of Lala.

Just like every other brand Lala has also launched their winter collection in linen fabric known as Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection it is one of the first collections for the cold season in coming days you will be seeing more.

Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection

Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection 2017-18

Lala prints are always traditional and close to Pakistani vintage art-work same you will be getting in this winter collection which has embroidery and beautiful striking colors which will make your dressing more special anywhere you wear these dresses.

The best thing about Lala brand is that their formal designs can be worn anywhere be it a social gathering or casual day out these designs suits every occasion.

Linen is not worn during the extremely cold days it is worn in mid cold season and Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection have wool shawls also which is one of the favorite clothing accessories for the winter season.

Shawls are dupatta type material which is taken during the winter season to protect the body from cold and make a traditional style statement.There will be many different types of shawls launching in the coming days these are soft and easy to carry specially made for this season.

The price range is between 1800-2000 rupees you can easily shop them online or find the Lala retail stores in the market areas near you.As we are living in the tech era most people now prefer to buy dresses online you can log on to the official web of Lala and buy dresses from there don’t go for online shopping stores they may add their commission to the price.

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Let’s have a look at Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection and see what Lala is offering in their first winter collection.

Lala Winter Linen Dresses Premium Collection 2017-18


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