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Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection ZS Textiles 2017-18

Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection is based on luxury traditional designs to make your parties and events more special have a look at the complete collection.

ZS Textiles is one of the leading brands for the common woman in Pakistan their collections are mostly based on casual designs and daily wearing.But every often they keep launching formal luxury collections in collaboration with other famous designers like their latest venture is with Ayesha Ibrahim.

Ayesha Ibrahim is itself a huge name in the fashion industry having launching formal luxury collections from some years now collaborating with one of the biggest textile brands to launch a chiffon fabric collection that will be loved by the woman of all age groups.

Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection

Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection ZS Textiles 2017-18

Chiffon fabric is worn during the midseason days when nights are cold and days are hot like we are experiencing nowadays then it will be in spring.So you have a lot of time to wear these dresses till next year and because of the quality, these dresses will be long lasting even after washed so many times.

Traditional glamour can be seen in each dress of this Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection because all designs are different in colors and patterns every dress is designed with great detail so fashionistas can choose dresses according to their likings.

There will be a lot of weddings and events during this time of the year so you should be ready with your stylish dresses and this latest Ayesha Ibrahim collection have everything you need to showcase your style on an event.

Be it a wedding event or a social gathering all the dresses of Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection provide everything in your style you don’t need to put anything extra.

Inspired by colors, surroundings atmosphere and nature you will see design patterns different from all ZS textiles collections.The designer has translated her imagination and nature designs into beautiful prints and patterns that will make you special anywhere you go.Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection ZS Textiles 2017-18

One thing you will notice on each picture is the hairstyle you can copy the hairstyle from these pictures shown on with each dress or try your favorite one.We have shared some hairstyles in our Top Hairstyles For Woman post you can copy or get some inspiration from them too.

Keep everything to simple you don’t need much makeup because dresses are enough to provide you the style and sometimes simplicity is better.

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Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection is launched and available at all leading ZS textiles outlets you can find these dresses all over Pakistan and selected locations abroad.You can also order online by visiting official web of ZS Textiles.

So let’s check out all the designs of Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection so you can see the exciting designs waiting for you in the markets.

Ayesha Ibrahim Formal Chiffon Collection ZS Textiles 2017-18


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