Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses 2017-18

Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses consists vintage dresses of Pakistani fashion all the dresses are designed with eye catchy colors. Let’s check the complete collection.

Zahra Ahmed is known for her luxury glamorous dresses in the formal and bridal category recently, for the winter and wedding season, Zahra Ahmed has launched a completely different collection then what others are designing.

She has used vintage designs and used the modern color patterns to design a vintage style classic modern formal dresses that are glamorous and luxurious.

Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses

Zahra Ahmed is always known for her different fancy dress work in the field of woman clothing but this time she has stunned everyone with her creativity to design classic vintage dresses of South East Asian designs.Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses 2017-18

All designs are inspired by the vintage fashion art and each dress is named for its characteristics and design work and from origin where it has been inspired.

Dresses Available as:

  • Afghan Tribal
  • Rang Mahal
  • Classic Pakistani
  • Jewel
  • Majestic Blue
  • Angrakha
  • Maharaja Jewels
  • Dhaani
  • Majestic Dress
  • Rang Soorti
  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Whimsical Tales
  • Indo Classic
  • Cloral Florence
  • White Florence
  • Blue Florence

As you can guess by the names all these dresses have been named after their origin and design characteristics.You can wear Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses on any special occasion or on wedding events.

Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses can be worn by new brides for the upcoming events too because choices are so many you surely will be finding dress type you need in this collection.

In a country like Pakistan, a woman likes to wear traditional dresses on wedding occasions there will be 1 percent of woman who will be wearing modern dresses otherwise all other ladies are in traditional dresses.

That’s why Zahra Ahmed collections are always in traditional designs some are modern and some are classic but the main focus of her collections are always traditional because she launched more bridal formal and bridal collections then casual and semi-formal collections.

Zahra Ahmed dresses are available all over Pakistan on retailers and selected locations outside Pakistan you can easily find her collections near your markets.You can shop online too just log onto Zahra Ahmed official web and select the dress of your choice.

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Check out all the Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses from below images and enjoy the winter and wedding season by looking more stylish in traditional classic dresses.

Zahra Ahmed Traditional Classic Dresses 2017-18