Sahil Casual Lawn Summer End ZS Textiles 2017

Sahil Casual Lawn is one of the signature lawn series by ZS textiles that is launched during the summer season now these are the summer end designs.

ZS textiles are one of the leading textile brands having collections for all seasons and occasions as now there is no festive occasion near so just casual collections are launching and Sahil lawn by ZS textiles is one of the best casual dresses you can buy in your budget.

This is the Vol 5 of Sahil Lawn previous volumes were based on formal and semi-formal occasions but this latest volume 5 is purely for the casual loose days when you are thinking of just wearing a nice dress and doesn’t care about the design and style.

Sahil Casual Lawn Summer End CollectionSahil Casual Lawn Summer End ZS Textiles 2017

Despite being a casual collection ZS textiles have included all the latest trends and designs woman needs to wear this season.Colors and printed designs are so attractive that you will love to wear on special occasions too just when you are going for an evening outing or shopping with friends.

Summer is slowly going but lawn fever will still be here until the October because there will still be some hot weather conditions in some cities of Pakistan and lawn is considered as the ultimate fabric to wear around the hot humid days.

ZS textiles have not only included modern prints they have also introduced some modern cutting and designs of shalwar kameez dress.This season we saw a change in the shalwar kameez dress category all the designs launched this year were modern as you can see in Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection.

But those collections were for the Eid and it’s now usual casual days still brands are showing a glimpse of modern designs in their casual shalwar kameez.Sahil Casual Lawn is one of the best collections you can buy for your casual routine having all the colors and patterns that will show style statement of Pakistani woman in a traditional way.

Sahil Casual Lawn Summer End ZS Textiles 2017