Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection Embroidered Modern Dresses 2017

Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection is based on the ongoing trend of traditional modern dresses for the woman have a look at the Eid dresses launched by Qalamkar.

Qalamkar is the brand of Al Noor fabrics started in the year 2015 with embroidered formal dresses for Pakistani woman and in just 2 years they have become one of the top brands because of unique designs and artwork.

Recently Qalamkar has launched two different types of lawn collections both are for this festive season.One is for casual wearing with simple and neat designs that can sometimes be worn on formal occasions because dress designs look more semi-formal and the other one is luxury lawn which is purely for the special occasions and night events.

Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection Modern DressesQalamkar Eid Lawn Collection Embroidered Modern Dresses 2017

This post is about the basic lawn Qalamkar launched Although designs do not look basic these are semi-formal traditional modern dresses by comparing it to their luxury lawn these designs are basic.

From a month now brands have been launching their festive season collections some brands have already launched 2-3 collections related to the Eid Ul Fitr while some brands are still waiting for Eid days to come closer.

Qalamkar is becoming a big brand because of their designs and colors their collections are in vibrant colors and this lawn collection has all the colors you need to wear during the festive and hot summer season.

This season we are seeing a trend of launching vintage style modern dresses brands have converted old designs into modern day dresses using the lawn fabrics.Summer is considered as the lawn fabric season in Pakistan because of temperature rising around 50 degrees only lawn fabric is comfortable to wear.Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection Embroidered Modern Dresses 2017

Last year or years prior to it we have not seen such advancement of lawn like you are seeing nowadays every brand is now into modern dresses which have the elegance of Pakistani vintage style dresses some designs are totally different and shows you the creativity of the designers.

Other brands have also launched collection like Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection you can view Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn or Cross Stitch Modern Eid Lawn posts to see other brands designs of the same category.

Features of Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection

  • Short shirts with embroidery
  • Short tights and trousers
  • Knee length long shirt
  • Open jacket style shirts
  • Grara type trousers
  • Patchwork at lower end of the dress
  • Bell bottom trousers

The price of these dresses is around Rs 3250/- all dresses are available online on Qalamkar E-Store or you can contact the brand on their FB page.

Wear Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection on this full month of Ramadan specially on the Aftaar parties and then after on Eid, there are lots of designs in this collection for you which you can choose for specific day of Ramadan.

Besides being a Eid collection we know some girls may not consider these dresses for Eid because these dresses don’t have much elegance that’s why Qalamkar have launched another collection in the form of luxury dresses which you will see in later post till then enjoy the Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection images.

Qalamkar Eid Lawn Collection Embroidered Modern Dresses 2017

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