Motifz Summer Lawn Dresses Fancy Collection 2017

Motifz Summer Lawn Dresses are always special because of design and luxury work done on the dresses here we have today the latest collection by the brand.

Motifz is famous for their embroidered prints with luxury artwork each year just before the summer Motifz start launching their lawn collections.They may not launch too many collections like other brands but there will be some that need to be looked.

Motifz is famous because of luxury designs in economic costs, their dresses are trendy and unique in their own way.Started just a few years back and it is now considered as one of the top brands in Pakistan and loved by Pakistani’s living abroad.

During the winter time, there were not much to talk about the brand because only one or two collections were launched.But just before the summer the brand is ready to launch all new dresses with modern designs that can be worn on formal and special occasions.

Motifz Summer Lawn DressesMotifz Summer Lawn Dresses Fancy Collection 2017

Summer lawn will be launched by every brand whether it’s a new startup brand or most experienced brand in the market.Because it is that time of the year where every woman will buy new dresses and since women will not buy just one or two dresses because of designs.

Every brand produces something extraordinary during the summer season to increase the style in you.Lawn is one of the most comfortable wearing fabrics available in the world.It is famous in Pakistan because of summer heat that rises up tp 50 degrees in some areas.

If you are living in southern part of Pakistan then you will experience a lot of heat.To kill that heat you need to buy comfortable dresses that not only saves you from heat but looks great on you also.

These dresses are available in 3 pcs forms with lightly dyed dupatta;s, some trousers are long and some are a short length of shirts are long and short both.Both types of dresses are available in this beautiful collection you have choices to choose different types of formal wears.

These dresses are for special occasions and you can wear them on any upcoming social gathering or some family event.Every type of color is available that is worn in summer season if you are a lover of light pastel colors which is usually worn during the summer season then there are some dresses that will grab your attention.

This collection is available in the market as Summer Lawn Vol-1 price range of these dresses is around 3700 rupees which are in the range of every common working women.Motfiz brand has always produced high-quality work at the market price.

They are not like other brand’s who have formal collections at very high price that is out of reach of common person.That’s why recommend our readers to always go for dresses that are produced by Motfiz brand.

Because not only you will get quality at the low price you will also get the style according to the trend that is changing every day.So relax sit back and enjoy the Motifz Summer Lawn Dresses from the images below and buy these dresses online from the official web of the brand.

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