Iznik Summer Fancy Dresses Collection 2017

Summer Fancy Dresses launched by Iznik brand are available in different varieties this collection is known as Chinon collection which is famous for its prints and designs.

Iznik is the premiere luxury brand of Pakistan almost every collection by the brand is in fancy and luxury designs that are suitable for formal events.Iznik have started just a few years back and they have become one of the top brands producing luxury dresses in Pakistan.

We have not seen much of their work in winter only one or two collections were launched but for the summer they have collections based on volumes that are waiting for you in the market.This is the first summer collection by the name of Chinon which is one of their signature series dresses.

Iznik Summer Fancy Dresses

Fancy dresses or luxury dresses are worn on special events and there are a huge variety and choices available in the traditional dress category.You will see modern shalwar kameez designs combined with traditional dress forms to give you some vintage look.

You will see the same type of designs in this summer fancy dresses collection which includes grara type trouser with embellished top that can be worn during the upcoming festive season.Iznik Summer Fancy Dresses Collection 2017

Various styles of embroidered and printed patterns are available in this beautiful luxury collection choices are so many because of versatility in designs.Each dress has its own unique design looks that women will love to wear during this hot season.

Some dresses of this collection can be worn on wedding events too with other fancy accessories like jewelry and fancy sandals.The price range of these dresses is around 7200 rupees which are economical considering luxury and fancy dress forms.

Color combinations are mixed some dresses are in darker shades with light prints and some dresses are in light shades with darker prints so it’s a mixed combo that every young girl will love to wear.Although fancy dresses are mostly launched during the fall season but because of festive events will be in summer for next few years that’s why brands are launching fancy dresses in summer also.

Just some months before during the winter time Iznik brand have launched Chinon dresses for the winter now the same collection is launched for the summer season.That means their signature collections are not meant for only one season.

Wear these dresses on parties, events or some social gatherings you will look great in any of the following dresses shown in the Iznik Summer Fancy Dresses image gallery.Save these images to your devices so you can view later when needed.

You can find more details about the brand on their facebook page just visit this Iznik Facebook Page and you will see information regarding brand’s future products and recently launched dresses.At fashionvilas.com we try to cover each and every collection launched by the top brands in Pakistan.

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