LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn Collection 2017

LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn is a semi-formal collection launched by LSM textiles for the autumn and monsoon season have a look at the designs launched.

LSM is one of the leading textile industries in Pakistan and has collections for all types from casual to semi-formal and formal dresses.LSM is a common household name in Pakistan having outlets all over Pakistan and collections are mainly designed for the common woman.

Komal Lawn is the signature collection launched by LSM fabrics every year during the summer season since the start of summer we are seeing different varieties of Komal Lawn and as now we are moving towards the end of summer Komal Lawn has different prints and designs than its predecessors.

LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn Collection 2017

LSM has introduced classic designs and prints in its latest Komal Lawn which is available in 3 pcs designs and suitable for the woman of all age group.

Different color combos have been introduced in this Komal Lawn then it’s previous Komal Lawn dresses printed work and designs will make you feel special and fabulous. If you would like to check out some fabric designs online then you can check out Fabulous selection of name brand designer fabrics from Abbey Shea, Fabricut, Kravet, Robert Allen and more.

The design team has worked hard to bring such an amazing collection that is according to the season and according to the colors of the summer end and autumn season.

Because the festive season is near that’s why you will see Komal Lawn for this season in fancy prints and designs.On festive occasions, you need a comfortable dress which you can wear on the usual days when you are not going anywhere and wanted a fancy dress that suits the Eid occasion.

LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn Collection includes all types of prints that woman needs to wear this season it has every material and fabric design that you need for the casual and semi-formal occasions.

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LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn Collection is available online and on the stores of LSM fabrics all over Pakistan choose the perfect dress for your semi-formal and casual wearing.

LSM Fabrics Komal Autumn Lawn Collection 2017