Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses Summer 2017

Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses are part of Firdous Lawn series which is now the fourth volume which was launched recently and you will see the complete catalog.

Firdous cloth mills are one of the most famous textile industries in Pakistan because of their high-quality dress designs and fabric work in economic prices.

Before this volume, the brand has launched Firdous Embroidered Eid Lawn which was for the festive occasion but this time they have launched casual lawn dresses that have class and prints that will admire your personality.

A Pakistani woman is lawn lovers because of the weather conditions especially when the humid season starts only lawn fabric is wearable which gives comfort and style which every woman wants.

Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered DressesFirdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses Summer 2017

From the start of the summer, Firdous Cloth Mills have been launching beautiful embroidered prints shalwar kameez and we are now in the mid of summer with their 4th collection recently launched for the casual occasions but because of the prints and design patterns, you can wear it on formal occasions also.

The main focus is on price as we mentioned Firdous is one of those brands who launches high-quality dresses at lower prices each dress of this collection is of a different price but it’s around very economic price of 1,650 rupees.

Design includes 3 meters printed lawn shirt with 2.5 meters printed lawn dupatta and a 2.5-meter lawn dyed trouser.So it’s a complete lawn collection whereas other brands were using lawn in different clothing pieces even Firdous previous collections were not completely in the lawn but this time they have nailed it with complete lawn collection. Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses Summer 2017

Prints and colors of Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses are simple yet mesmerizing enough to provide you the style you need during this summer.Make yourself comfortable and add beauty to your style by wearing Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses.

There are still more months left in the summer so we can easily say that there will be more volumes of summer lawn from Firdous Cloth Mills till then enjoy the images of Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses.

Firdous Casual Lawn Embroidered Dresses Summer 2017

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