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Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn Dresses Summer 2017

Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn is based on beautiful prints that will make you stylish and give you comfort in luxury designs.

Sifona is an emerging brand of elegance and luxury dresses based on Pakistani modern designs and patterns for the woman.It was launched in 2015 and in just 2 years they are grown to big heights because of their designs and fabric quality.

Providing casual, formal and pret wear aim is to give a woman what they want and what they deserve in this modern age.They got fame because of high-quality designs and fabric work at low prices which are in a range of every common woman.

Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered LawnSifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn Dresses Summer 2017

This collection is charming and beautiful designs are similar to Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Crimson Eid Lawn but Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn has more what those collections didn’t offer.It has more color combos and pattern variety.

It’s the humid season nowadays and woman prefers to wear only comfortable clothes which makes them feel relaxed in summer heat and sweaty weather conditions.Lawn is the only fabric which is suitable for weather conditions in July and August so you should consider lawn varieties like brands are producing nowadays.

Sifona has produced a beautiful collection that is not just for the style it’s for comfy feeling also which is the need of every woman these days.

All dresses are in 3 pieces with beautiful embroidered work on the front, back and trousers the pattern is unique in every dress which will make you want every dress of this collection.Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn Dresses Summer 2017

Embroidered patterns are the main source of selling woman buys dresses after they see embroidered patterns which inspires them and which looks eye catchy.And all designs of Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn are trendy and mesmerizing because of design patterns.

Prices and other details are mentioned on the images check the image of each dress and read details about them on the pictures.

Sifona Marjaan Luxury Embroidered Lawn Dresses Summer 2017


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