Ethnic Eid Collection For Young Girls By Outfitters 2017

Ethnic Eid Collection is based on modern designs of shalwar kameez dress to make woman stylish and comfy during the festive occasion of Eid and other formal occasions.

Ethnic by Outfitters latest collection for the Eid is based on unstitched patterns of modern shalwar kameez dresses which is the ongoing trend nowadays.

Outfitters is a western clothing brand in Pakistan and Ethnic is their sub-brand which always launches something special during the special occasions and events.

Eid is just around the corner and all the big brands have launched their Eid dresses in different patterns some have launched modern shalwar kameez designs like Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Crimson Eid Lawn.Outfitters is following the same trend and have launched a beautiful eye catchy patterns collection in the form of Ethnic Eid Collection.

Ethnic Eid Collection Ethnic Eid Collection For Young Girls By Outfitters 2017

This collection revolves around the fresh prints of summer and beautiful prints that will catch the attention of others whenever you will wear them.

Some of you might have already done your shopping for the Eid then you can consider these dresses for the formal events after Eid.

If you haven’t done shopping and looking for some exciting designs then this Ethnic Eid Collection is for it has all the designs and patterns that a young girl needs to wear on Eid.

This season we are seeing a different trend in lawn fabric designers have used it to design beautiful formal dresses in modern designs which were not seen years before.The lawn was considered as the simple dress fabric and formal dresses were in cambric and other fabric but the trend is changed this season and now lawn is available in modern designs which are loved by Pakistani woman all over the world.

Ethnic by Outfitters Eid Collection is in lawn fabric and you will get the latest modern patterns of embroidery and artwork which will make you special on this Eid Ul Fitr.

Designs available in Ethnic Eid Collection

  • Long embroidered shirts
  • Short kurtis
  • Full sleeves and half sleeve shirts
  • Above toe tights

Now let’s see Ethnic Eid Collection and see what Outfitters have got for you this season.

Ethnic Eid Collection For Young Girls By Outfitters 2017

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