Embroidered Silk Karandi Winter Collection By Gul Ahmed 2015-16

Embroidered silk karandi winter collection shalwar kameez dresses are made from karandi fabric for the winter season with embroidered designs all over the shirt and matched with duppata.

You can buy Gul Ahmed dresses without looking at the quality because these are always in high quality embroidered and printed patterns.The embroidered patterns are different from the last one you have seen from Gul Ahmed.The patterns you will see on the shirts are more of a textured designs that you will love the art drawn for you.

These are the three piece shalwar kameez dresses you will get 3.25 and 2.25 meter kameez and duppata,trousers are in 2.25 meter lengths.The price of these dresses are from 5-6,000 rupees which is in range of every common person.

embroidered winter collection

The dresses from Gul Ahmed are in beautiful designs with low price tags so that every common person can purchase these dresses.You will see brilliant combos of dusky and sunny colors in Gul Ahmed Embroidered Silk Karandi Winter Collection.

Designers of Gul Ahmed has used Lemon, Chocolate, Orange, Cream, Sky Blue, Off White, Maroon, espresso, Brown, Navy Blue, Black, White, purple, red, Apple inexperienced and barren region colors with competencies on this wintry weather collection.

Gul Ahmed embroidered dresses

This collection has totally designed in keeping with the ultra-modern trends of winter season in Pakistan, you will find eye-catching and creative patterns of floral,textures and structures prints on the shirts and dupattas of this collection, again aspect of these shirts has strikingly designed with summary, floral and geometrical patterns.

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These attire are just right to use as formal and semi-formal wear on this fall season.Gul Ahmed has offered 3-pieces material in this embroidered assortment. On a single dress of this collection you will notice a lot of different embroidered patterns that are the prints and abstract art designs that you will like to wear to look different from others.

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