Embroidered Luxury Dresses Deeba Collection By Shariq 2016

Embroidered luxury dresses were recently launched by Shariq Textiles for the winter and spring season this collection is in different colors with prints on shirts.

Shariq Textile is the brand which launches so many collections in one season this is their winter collection which you can wear till spring.These are beautifully designed with embroidered patterns all around neckline and border line area of kameez.

This collection is known as Embroidered Luxury Dresses Deeba Collection,deeba collection is their main signature collection which keeps on updating season wise.Shariq Textiles has used exceptional and cheerful colours combos of Lemon, Orange, Ash gray, Zinc, Maroon, red, Sky Blue, Cream, Sea green, Black and red.

floral embroidery on kameez

This collection is notably crafted to make you magnificent and chic in the gatherings and celebrations of this wintry weather season, all attire on this collection has embellished with luxurious and splendid embroideries.

You are going to in finding these embroideries on the neckline, cuffs, border and entrance facet of those shirts, dupattas of this assortment has additionally decorated with fancy embroideries and borders, to enrich the beauty of this assortment, these attire has designed with hanging laces, slits and motifs.

casual embroidery dress

These attire will to be had in unstitched kind, shirts of this assortment has crafted with modern patterns, you’re going to to find these shirts with full sleeves, three quarter sleeves and 1/2 sleeves, sleeve less shirts has also comprised on this winter collection, if you want to put on shirts with lengthy length, knee length or quick length.

This 3 piece shalwar kameez embroidered luxury dresses has all sorts of material for you.Shariq Textiles has launched enormous varieties of beautifully crafted fabrics on this fall season.Every season their collections are worth buy because of the designs and color combinations they use.Check the gallery of Embroidered Luxury Dresses and see which new designs Shariq Textiles is delivering this season.

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