Embroidered Linen Gul Ahmed Collection 2015-16

Embroidered linen Gul Ahmed collection is yet another winter embroidered shalwar kameez collection from this brand for the women of Pakistan with dark colored designs.

Gul Ahmed has launched yet another winter collection for Pakistani women with linen fabric used in the making of these casual wear shalwar kameez dresses.This collection is available in 3 piece forms with a option for duppata/shawl as winter is the season of shawls so you should pick shawls instead of duppata.

The price will be much higher when you pic a shawl if you want to remain on budget then you can take any of your non branded shawls on these dresses.These dresses are available in both stitch and unstitched forms.The unstitched dresses will be lesser in price because you have to sew them by yourself or your tailor will do that job for you.In the ready made stitched forms you will get linen kameez,shawl and a  dyed trouser that is dyed with the colors of the dress.

Embroidered Linen Gul Ahmed Collection 2015-16

The printed work you will see on these dresses are nature prints,abstract art designs and other traditional type of embroidery that you have seen on the previous collections of Gul Ahmed.This brand has launched so many collections for this season on almost every fabric linen is the most used fabric in making of shalwar kameez dress.Many of the brands you have seen have launched collections on linen fabric.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collections 

This fabric is not too much warm like woolen or any other that we have shown you previously but its worth wearing because of the comfort you will get in this dress and a warmer feel.The designs are done according to the latest trend of winter all the color combos you will see in this collection are in darker shades as darker colors are more used in winter then any other season.See all of these beautiful designs in Embroidered Linen Gul Ahmed Collection image gallery below.

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