Elegance Winter Collection 2015 Women Shalwar Kameez

Elegance winter collection 2015 have 3 piece shalwar kameez dresses for the winter season designed for women to wear on events and casual occasions.

As the name of the brand these dresses are also elegant and easy to wear on any type of events these can be worn along with other winter accessories.Like shawls and sweaters that are matched with shalwar kameez dresses.

You’ll to find more than a few attention-grabbing combinations of wintry colours on this collection like Beige, Teal, Black, Biscuit, espresso, Sea green, Navy Blue, purple, purple, gray, Maroon and Lemon.

Casual shalwar kameez

This elegance winter collection 2015 assortment has embellished with charming embroideries on the neckline and backside of shirts, felt motifs and buttons has also brought to enrich the charm of those shirts in magnificence winter collection.

Gorgeous laces and embroideries has crafted on the border of shawls and bottom of trousers to entire the elegance of this wintry weather assortment.This collection has crafted in attention-grabbing floral and botanic prints, startling tailoring and awesome embroideries.

Colorful shalwar suits

All these elements has mixed with such inventive abilities that you are going to expensive to wear these clothes to make yourself extra based and placing in this wintry weather season.Elegance has made this collection with various heat and gentle wintry fabrics like Linen, Khaddar and Pashmina.

Brand has offered three-pieces shalwar kameez in this collection, single costume of this collection involves a kameez, trouser and shawl, shirt and trouser of single costume on this collection has made in equal fabric.

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Whilst the shawls of every gown are in Pashmina fabric.Elegance brand has launched many collections with fantastic and fabulous patterns.These dresses are for the women of all age groups whether you are working women or a student.

Price Range :-8,000 rupees

All of these dresses can be worn till the spring season you can also customize these dresses according to your need see Elegance Winter Collection 2015 pix gallery and look at some of the new designs of shalwar suits.

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