Linen Embroidered Dresses Orient Textile Collection 2016

Linen embroidered dresses shalwar kameez collection are designed by Orient Textiles for casual and formal wearing by women in this cold season check dresses in pix.

Orient textiles launched different types of winter collections for women different fabrics are used in sewing of these dresses.Many of the brands in Pakistan launch dresses for almost every fabric that is used in shalwar kameez category.

Orient have previously used linen now they have launched their linen collection part 2.Its part 2 because one linen collection is already their you can search for it on we have all covered it for you.

Linen dress by Orient

Orient textiles is another major brand of Pakistan who produces so many collections for one season using different fabrics.Their dresses are for almost all common women who can purchase these dresses.

All of their dresses are not expensive and not cheap they kept them in mid range where all the buyers can buy them.Their collections are for all season and festive occasions using different style of traditional dresses.

In this linen embroidered dresses the have used line fabric which is as you have read details in previous posts quite warm.Its warm and light weight that’s why most of the collections you have seen here on are in linen fabric.

Its even not too much warm that you can’t wear it in spring the best thing about these is that you can wear these on spring season too.If you are feeling too cold in foggy season and wants to go out with these dresses.

Then take a shawl either woolen or pashmina both will be quite handy in saving you from cold.Or a normal sweater can be used on these dresses to protect your body from cold breeze.

These dresses are in 3 piece forms you will get a linen kameez with dyed trouser and a shawl/duppata in one set of dress.

All the designs are so trendy that you can wear on casual and formal occasions on this season.Check Linen Embroidered Dresses & see the new work of Orient textiles for you.

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