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Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer Gul Ahmed Dresses 2016

Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer dresses by Gul Ahmed are trendy shalwar kameez in embroidered prints that can be worn casually and formally too check out all the new prints.

Gul Ahmed is one of the leading clothing manufactures in Pakistan available at affordable prices their collections are trendy with modern designs.This summer they have experimented with different fabrics and have launched so many collections then each collection had their second volume.

Its a river flow of designs from Gul Ahmed they have designed almost every type of dress you need to wear in summer to look great.All their dresses have signature printed work which is loved by customers and its their specialty.

Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer Dresses

Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer

Summer is passing by but there will be still heat in some parts of Pakistan but most areas will be covered in rainy season.Some days will be of cold breeze and some will be hot humid so you can wear both comfortable fabrics like lawn and some bit thicker clothes too.

Its always best to choose lawn because autumn season will also be hot because of humid conditions you will be sweating a lot in the day time.If you are a working women then consider plain designs in some darker shades but if its some night event and you need to wear trendy dresses that are comfortable then this collection have some dresses for you.

It is a 3 pc collection in lawn fabric every dress have unique prints specially in the lower shirt area that print is different from other parts of the dress.In almost every dress Gul Ahmed have followed this pattern of lower shirt print.

Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer

Suitable for women of every age length of shirts are normal some are short too its been the trend for this season whether its a formal dress or casual short length shirts were seen more.Chantilly De Lace Mid Summer dresses is bit more semi formal type collection that is available online at GulAhmed Shop in both stitched and unstitched forms.

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