Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection 2018

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection is for winter casual wearing available in different colors and beautiful patterns you will love the latest collection by Bonanza.

Bonanza is one of the leading brands of Pakistan having collections for all types of men, woman, and children.Initially, for many years, they were known for the western style clothing brand and most of their collections were consisting of winter accessories like jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.

Just a few years back, they decided to enter into the eastern traditional style market with woman shalwar kameez collections that will be purely in traditional embroidered and printed designs.From which “Satrangi” brand came into being and got success just because of the designs and fabric quality.

Now every year, during the start of every new season Bonanza launches “Satrangi” collections to show the colors of their artistic imagination and how far they can play with colors and design work.

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection 2018

Latest “Satrangi” collection is in cambric fabric which can be worn until the spring season and for the extremely cold days, you have to wear sweaters on them.

Because cambric is for mid cold days so you may need to buy Bonanza Sweaters for the cold foggy days that will be coming in some weeks.

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection is based on simple and stylish prints so a woman can wear stylish dresses on their casual days while going to college or even on an office.Some dresses of Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection can be worn on special occasions too but you may need to wear extra accessories too.

Colors are perfect for the winter both darker and lighter shades are included to make Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection colorful and best buy for the winter casual days.

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection is available in 1, 2 and 3 pcs forms you can buy according to your fashion taste and style and will love the work done by the designers of Bonanza brand.

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There will be more Bonanza collections launching in coming days so till then enjoy the Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection images and wait for more because there will be lot more of colors this winter in stores for you.

Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Dresses Collection 2018