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Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection Salve 2017

Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection is known as “Salve” and it’s now available in luxury patterns and designs to make your Eid styling special.

Annus Abrar is known for his bridal and luxury formal dress designs and the same type of patterns and designs you will see in his latest Eid Ul Azha collection known as Salve.

Annus Abrar has started launching festive occasion dresses just some time ago before that he was only launching bridals and formal wears and his latest collection is worth seeing when you are going to buy new dresses.

Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha CollectionAnnus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection Salve 2017

This latest formal festive wear has all the colors and prints that will make your personality shine at the event you will be wearing these dresses.

Each dress is different and will make you feel special because of the patterns and design work.These dresses are not just for Eid you can wear these dresses later on wedding events also.

The glamorous touch given to each dress makes you special and center of attention during the Eid events.Eid Ul Azha is a joyful event for whole family and friends there will be some get to gathers, parties and social gatherings where you want to wear a special occasion dress and Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection is enough to provide the style you need.

Crochet, Chikan and pearls work on some dresses make them more glamorous and special for the special event of Eid.

Annus Abrar has a great color sense that’s why you will see his collections in beautiful and stylish colors which will attract others towards you.

In recent time some nice Eid collections were launched like Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection and Erum Khan Luxury Eid Collection but Annus Abrar has its own level of styling which is clearly seen in Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection.

This collection is launched and available in stores all over Pakistan you can also order online from Annus Abrar website.

Annus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection Salve 2017


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