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Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection 2017

Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection is based on modern and traditional prints with some luxury work to make you stand out this festive occasion of Eid.

Carnation is a new brand after the success of their Luxury Lawn Carnation Rang Rasiya they are now taking their Rang Rasiya collection to the next level and have launched stunning Eid Ul Azha dresses that makes a woman stylish without the need of extra accessories.

As a new brand it will be hard to enter the market because the competition is high in Pakistani clothing industry but as we know Eid is an occasion where woman shops a lot and chances of getting success is always higher when you are launching an Eid collection.

Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid CollectionRang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection 2017

Carnation have shown their worth and proved with their last collection that they are here to stay and they will be making a mark with their delicate embroidery and modern patterns on modern shalwar kameez dress.

Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection is focused towards young girls who like to celebrate Eid in colors and style with some luxury work that will make you feel exciting and you will be noticed for your style where ever you go.

Colors of Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection are refreshing and appealing and it will make you wear these dresses again and again on later events.Just after the Eid, there will be wedding season these dresses may not suit as a wedding guest dress but you can wear it to day events of the wedding.

Besides wedding for college and universities, there will be some gatherings and social gatherings too so you have many reasons to try out Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection even after Eid.

Dresses are fabricated in thin fabrics so you can wear them easily and feel comfortable because weather conditions will be different in all parts of the country somewhere will be hot and it will be a cool breeze on some areas.Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection 2017

Eid Ul Azha is related with Bakra and Cow meat everyone will be eating meat a lot so chances are that you may feel hot that’s why you need to wear comfortable clothes and Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection is best for design, quality and comfortable feeling.

Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection is launched online and available at selected retail stores you can view the catalog below and find the best dress according to your style and fashion taste.

Rang Rasiya Carnation Eid Collection 2017


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