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Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn Suits 3 Pcs Collection 2016

Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn Suits are 3 pcs shalwar kameez dresses that can be worn in your daily routine whether you are a working women or going somewhere for a day out.

Gul Ahmed is the leading clothing industry in Pakistan and they have launched summer lawns from the start of spring from some weeks they have been launching volume 2 of the lawns launched before.We have covered all of them in Gul Ahmed Spring Summer Complete Catalog.

Volume 2 is bit different from what they introduced before because its the follow up collection of what they have deigned some months back.By looking at the trend there will be more volumes of the same collections because summer is too long and both Eid’s will be in the summer.

Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn Suits

These shalwar kameez dresses are trendy and will be suitable on young girls because of the fancy art work that can be seen on both front and back.Some dresses are with short knee length trousers/tights and some are loose one’s more like shalwars.

Light and mint colors are more used because of the heat season women loves to wear this color combination that will not only make them classy they will look stylish in their own appearance.Dress can change overall look of a person your personality is changed when you wear colorful dresses.

Pakistani clothing is always in colorful designs and when it comes to traditional shalwar kameez designs Gul Ahmed is best at their work.This collection is perfect for casual outing and special occasions because of the vibrant colors you don’t need to wear anything more fancy in hot season.

Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn Suits

If you have the day event to attend like college party or some other related occasion these dresses are perfect for you they are available in full 3 pcs forms you just need to wear your favorite footwear and carry handbag.Gul Ahmed ideas brand have handbags and shoes that can be matched with Gul Ahmed Printed Lawn Suits.

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