Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace Summer Vol-2 2016

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace are lace worked shalwar kameez dresses for formal and casual wearing after the success of vol-1 now its time to see vol-2 which was launched recently.

Gul Ahmed have launched so many collections this season we have posted them in our Gul Ahmed Spring Summer Complete Catalog we have reviewed vol-1 in one post.Now reviewing vol-2 in separate posts so you can have more information related to the product.

Chantilly de lace is one of Gul Ahmed’s collections that have been launching from some years now around the spring/summer days and this time this collection have been launched in two volumes.By seeing the marketing strategy maybe vol-3 will also launch in coming months because summer is longest season.

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace Dress Types

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace Summer Vol 2 2016

There are many modern dress types included in the second vol other then traditional shalwar kameez this volume is also in 3 pcs types available in unstitched forms.Made from jacquard and lawn fabrics which is comfortable and worn around summer days.

Jacquard fabric is mostly used in special occasion clothing this collection is combination of formal and casual wear that’s why special fabric have been used.You will get embroidered and printed kameez,trouser and duppata available with different patterns.

Summer Patterns

In Pakistani fashion there are many summer patterns that are used on the dresses in different forms embroidered and printed patterns of traditional art work are in top of them.You will see great art work that is prominent on kameez and can be seen from far to make your appearance stylish in traditional way.

Gul Ahmed collections are famous among Pakistanis all over the world this year they have launched so many prints and designs that if you buy even one dress from a collection then there will be no empty space left in your wardrobe.This shows the creativity of a brand and how they are making things more better and perfect and their new way of marketing is giving them more success.

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace

If you are looking for quality dresses whose fabric will long last then Gul Ahmed should be your first choice because they are pioneers in designing high quality shalwar kameez dresses in low price so every person can buy stylish dresses and stay up to the trend.

They have been doing this from many years and getting better day by day have some of their collections you can check the recently launched summer clothing and see every print and pattern is different this is the sign of quality.

Prices and other details of Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Lace collection is mentioned on the official web this is a limited design collection there is not much you can choose from just some dresses but designed with great art work.If you want to see more designs from Gul Ahmed then check out Gul Ahmed Chiffon Summer Collection.

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