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Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer Collection 2016

Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer Collection is by Firdous fashion these dresses are for special occasions of the summer season because there are plenty of events lined up this summer.

Firdous fashion one of the leading brands in Pakistan have launched colorful embroidered dresses in lawn and chiffon,they have named it chiffon but shirts are of lawn.Only duppata will be of chiffon with embroidered and printed colorful patterns.

Spring and summer are considered as colorful season that’s why there are plenty of collections in different colors and designs.Firdous fashion have itself launched colorful dresses we have reviewed some of them you can look at Embroidered Kurti Summer Collection and Chiffon Casual Shalwar Kameez.

Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer Collection

To see some of the recent work of the brand related to summer as this brand is famous for their printed work and modern cutting of the shalwar kameez dresses you will find new patterns that will suit your personality as a stylish women during the summer.

Embroidered and printed patterns are mixed and used with different colors as you can see the neckline area,bottom area and shoulder area.In previous collections of Firdous we have not seen shoulder area embroidery but you will see in some dresses of this collection this pattern is new and best suited on young women.

They have not used anything fancy in fact most of the dresses are in traditional designs of shalwar kameez dresses that you have been seeing from the years.Its just the color patterns that is making this collection must have in your wardrobe just like their kurtis which we have mentioned earlier.

Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer Collection

Prices will always be lower from Firdous brand and quality will be high these are the standards of big brands in Pakistan they will always produce high quality in low price tags.Because most textile industries are producing and designing by themselves so cost is saved in the process.

If you will see brands who are just designers will sell at more cost because they are not producing clothes they have to buy them in raw forms and then design.If you are looking for lower prices and higher quality that can only be get through textile brands as Firdous fashion.

Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer collection

They will always came up with best work like you are seeing in Embroidered Chiffon 3 Pcs Summer Collection lets see some of the dress forms launched under this collection price range of dresses is 2,950 rupees you can shop online on Firdous fashion website.

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