Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2017

Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Dresses are formal outfits with a touch of vintage style that women can wear on special occasions of summer season check out the complete image gallery.

Zara Shahjahan is famous for her bridal designs which are mostly launched around the autumn and winter season her designs are famous because of the vintage traditional look and jeweled embroidery that adds more style to the dress.

There was a bridal dress designer tag on Zara Shahjahan so she decided to come up with something different and launched summer lawn shalwar kameez.

As we mentioned in some of the earlier posts summer lawn will be launched by almost every brand present in the Pakistan fashion industry because of the demand and amount of selling is high during this season.

Women of every age group buy lawn fabric of different designs and prints most of them will be for formal occasions because of the festive events Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha are around the corner.

On special occasions women want’s style and prints with a comfortable feeling in the summer season and only lawn fabric provides you the easiness of clothing.

Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Dresses

This is not the first time Zara Shahjahan have introduced lawn she has introduced it before also but this time she has included more designs that are enough to wear whole season.Some designs are casual and some are formal every dress have a touch of vintage Pakistani fashion clothing style that is seen on Zara Shahjahan’s bridal collections.

Last year Zara Shahjahan have launched luxury dresses collection but this time she has included some casual designs so women can wear it in normal casual days.

Dresses are in 3 pcs every dress have its own unique name which is mentioned in the picture with other details including price.Price range is about 6950 rupees which is bit higher than other textile brand’s collection but as we all know quality is always superior with design from Zara Shahjahan.Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2017

Wear these dresses on special occasions of summer or while going somewhere in the daytime because they are fabricated in the lawn which means they are heat killer.

Not just shalwar kameez you can buy a vintage style grara which is clearly seen in the image gallery of Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn Dresses and other forms of dresses are also available.

We have included some of the designs in the gallery if you want to look at the complete collection then visit Zara Shahjahan website or contact stores near you.