Zainab Chottani Eid Collection 2017 Modern & Traditional Dresses

Zainab Chottani Eid Collection is based on modern patterns but inspired from the traditional vintage style Pakistani dress forms designed for young and older woman.

Zainab Chottani is one of the best bridal dress designers in Pakistan her collections are famous all over the world among the South Asian population.The brand was established in 2009 and since its starting days, she is launching bridal wedding day and bridal formal dresses on the Haute Couture events and on various fashion shows.

Zainab Chottani has not launched much of casual collection her main designs are bridal and then formal dresses which are also related to the bride.But from past few years, she has been launching formal dresses for various festive events so a woman who is not bride can also wear and enjoy the dresses designed by Zainab Chottani.

Zainab Chottani Eid Collection Modern Dresses

Her latest collection is launched and it is for this Eid Ul Fits and like the ongoing trend of formal Eid dresses Zainab Chottani has also launched vintage style traditional dresses into modern designs so today’s generation of girls can also enjoy the feel of a traditional rich art of Pakistani fashion in modern styles.

Eid is the festive occasion to enjoy with friends and family and everyone celebrates in their own way girls like to be stylish in Pakistani Avatar in those stylish outfits and dresses which show the culture of Pakistan.

Designers like Zainab Chottani are giving you the opportunity to show your love to the traditional dresses of Pakistan which most of the woman have forgotten now.Because there are many forms of traditional dresses designers are using some part of them and converting them into modern designs by using their own creativity.

Zainab Chottani Eid Collection is the perfection combination of modern cutting and traditional designs if you are a young girl and wanted to wear a traditional dress but also like the modern dress forms then this collection is for you because it has everything you need to wear this Eid.

Zainab Chottani Dress Designs for this Eid

  • Soft pastel color tops
  • Loose trousers
  • Tights with embroidered kurtis
  • Embellishments on every part of the dress
  • Net sleeves with embroidered tops
  • Grara style trousers

In this complete Zainab Chottani Eid Collection, you will notice the trousers are of different types some are loose and some have the grara style look and the tops are all different comfy for summer and will give you glamorous style for the events coming.

Don’t consider these dresses just for the Eid event by looking at the designs you can easily say that it’s also a bridal formal collection for the brides but for the single woman these dresses can be wedding event guest dresses.So there are many occasions coming this year on which you can wear the Zainab Chottani Eid Collection.

This festive summer every big brand and designer are producing something different that is grabbing everyone attention because of the designs and patterns.From all other modern traditional collections like Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Serene Royal Chiffon Eid Dresses this Zainab Chottani Collection is most expensive a single dress is around 19 thousand rupees some are even higher so it’s an expensive collection but have everything complete glamorours dresses in luxury style you need till the end of summer.