Wintry Breeze Collection 2016 Al-Zohaib Textiles

Wintry breeze collection have beautiful embroidered and printed dresses that a women of Pakistan can wear in the winter season designed and product of Al Zohaib textiles.

Al Zohaib textiles launched their another collection for the winter season with linen fabrics and shawls to make the perfect 3 piece winter collection for their customers.These dresses are in embroidered and printed patterns with linen kameez and trousers and shawls are of pashmina and woolen materials you can wear these dresses in any of your favorite upcoming events.

This collection is available at all the leading stores of Pakistan and online too.Now the wedding season will start you can wear these on day events we know these are not fancy but if you have wedding in your home then on day type of events you can wear these dresses.

Winter shalwar kameez

Others can wear these on while going to college or on work.There are lot of young girls who now works so these dresses are specially for those women because of these designs and styles these can be worn as casually and formally too.

Winter shalwar kameez

These type of designs are not specific for one type of occasion these are for all occasions and events of winter linen fabric can be worn till the spring end season because its not too much warm.

As you have seen other collections at of other brands there are fabrics type woolen and pashmina used to fabricate shalwar kameez dresses for the winter season because of fog and rainy season.The warm fabrics are used but linen can be worn in both foggy and sunny days because of the warm and light fabric women prefers this type of fabric more then any other.

Winter shalwar kameez

Shawls are provided so that you can have the trend of shawls which is going around and they can easily protect you from cold breeze instead of duppata.

Overall the designs of Wintry Breeze Collection is for this season that every girl should be buying the price range of these dresses is under 5,000 rupees each dress may vary in price.See the pix collection below and look at the latest designs offered by Al Zohaib textiles for you.