Warda Fall Winter Shalwar Kameez Collection 2016-17

Warda Fall Winter Shalwar Kameez is beautiful embroidered collection launched for this fall/winter season check out the complete collection from the image gallery.

Warda is a designer brand that is coming up in the ranks of big brands because of their designs and modern cutting work of shalwar kameez dresses.This brand has always come up with something new in designs that is because of their hard working designer team.

This collection is available in both 2 pcs and 3 pcs dresses you can choose whatever you like there are many choices available in terms of designs and patterns.

Warda Fall Winter Shalwar Kameezwarda-fall-winter-shalwar-kameez-collection-2016-17-5

Winter is the season of dark colors but till now in almost every collection that is launched for the winter, we have seen that brands are now using light colors with different embroidered pattern colors including floral embroidery work.

The brand has used silk,cotton,karandi fabrics which are perfect for this early winter season it can be worn in foggy days also but you need to wear sweaters also.Nowadays all posts on fashionvilas are related to early winter collections because winter is always late in Pakistan.

That’s why you are seeing some lighter fabrics in collections launched by almost every brand.Modern designs of shalwar kameez dresses are included in this collection you can check the images in full-screen mode to have a clear view of the dresses.warda-fall-winter-shalwar-kameez-collection-2016-17-2

Warda is not like big brands which will be launching so many collections in one season they will launch only some collections which will cover the entire season.Because the brand is still relatively new and growing in the Pakistan fashion industry.

By looking at the designs we will suggest that young girls should try any of the dresses launched you can buy these dresses from your local markets because Warda brand is now available almost everywhere have a look at all the designs of Warda Fall Winter Shalwar Kameez Collection.

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