Pendant Jewellery Designs By Jewellery Garden UK

Here I have some of the Pendant jewellery designs by Jewellery Garden some of the products I will show you which are very elegant and handcrafted beautifully.

Jewellery is loved by women of almost every age no matter in which form.Pendant jewellery is the necklaces which have stones in the middle usually a hanging necklace.There are many types of necklaces also.

The phrase pendant derives from the Latin phrase “pendere”, and historical French phrase “pendre”, both of which translate to “to hang down”. It comes within the type of a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, most often attached with the aid of a small loop to a necklace, which is also often called a “pendant necklace”.

A pendant earring is an earring with a bit hanging down. In ultra-modern French “pendant” is the gerund form of “hanging” .One of the vital earliest varieties of bodily adornment is a pendant, (a dangling decoration, as an earring or the major piece suspended from a necklace.) Primeval man appreciated to put a tiny gap in a stunning rock and slip a string most commonly product of grass or vine so it could be hung across the neck.

Shells and other indigenous substances would also be used. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs most of the time wore scarab beetle pendants to represent their wealth and energy.Royalty and the Aristocracy in old Egypt additionally wore a special kind of pendant called a cartouche.

I have shown you one of the elegant jewellery designs from around the world.This time I have designs of the Jewellery Garden they have many handcrafted jewellery designs. They have recently moved to online shopping as well so you can get the jewellery easily available. If you’re interested in the world of online shopping you can have a look at for some more information.

The six new designs they have launched are Topaz Necklace,Black diamond and Amethyst Pendant,Rose Quartz Pendant,Gemstone Pendant,Topaz Pendant Necklace,Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace.All of these designs are in 14 K Gold and with diamond.

Lets See the Jewellery Garden Pendant Jewellery Designs

1.14 K Gold Diamond & Topaz Pendant Necklace

pendant diamond necklace

The above image is of Diamond & Topaz Pendant it has yellow and white gold & 1 oval cut natural topaz stone in the center.Eight rounded diamonds all around and six black diamonds on the top and bottom.The length of the chain is 40 cm this is best for any grand event you can get this charming pendant at £844.00.

2.14K Gold Black Diamond & Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Pendant Jewellery Designs By Jewellery Garden UK

This Amethyst Pendant necklace have yellow and gold pendant with 1 square cut Amethyst stone at the center.At the side you are seeing 44 black diamonds that is enhancing the look of this pendant.The chain length is 45 cm.This will look more precious when you wear it with black or purple gown.

3.Rose Quartz Pendant

Pendant Jewellery Designs By Jewellery Garden UK

This pendant has the natural Rose Quartz stone at the center 4 diamonds around on the sides.1 rose and 4 round cut amethyst gemstones.This colorful pendant jewellery will sparkle to your dress and image if you wear it with white or pink dress.

4.Gemstone Pendant

gemstone pendant

This is the 14 K white gold pendant necklace it has 7 round cut diamonds.1 natural amethyst and 4 natural cut garnets, 4 fancy cut mother of pearl, 4 marquise cut and 1 round cut natural peridots, 6 round cut, 2 marquise cut with 1 natural gemstone.This one is beautifully crafted gemstones in the form of colorful flowers.

5.Topaz Pendant Necklace

 4 fancy cut mother of pearl, 4 marquise cut and 1 round cut natural peridots, 6 round cut, 2 marquise cut

This is the 14 K white gold pendant with 1 fancy blue topaz stone at the center.17 diamonds around the sides in purple shades 2 round cut and 3 cabochon cut natural amethyst gemstones, 3 round cut natural iloites, 8 round cut & 1 cabochon cut natural blue topaz gemstones.The length of the chain is 40 cm this beautiful handcrafted will match it with your blue,purple or white outfits.

6.Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

Pendant Jewellery for parties

This one is also 14 K white gold pendant with fancy blue topaz stone at the center.22 rounded diamonds on the sides the length of the chain is 50 cm.This is the luxurious pendant necklace you can wear it with your gown or evening wear dresses for weddings or events.

These are some of the Jewellery Pendants which I liked from the Jewellery Garden brand which one is your favorite tell us in the comments you can shop online at stay tuned for more products from this brand.

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