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Nisha Eid Formal Collection Nishat Linen 2016

Nisha Eid Formal Collection is divided into sub categories each design is unique and shows the cultural design with some elegant luxury touch so lets explore the complete catalog.

Nishat Linen brand’s main collection is Nisha which they launch every season with varieties of different prints and designs.They have already launched some of summer lawns and modern dress patterns in their Nisha Lawn which it self have so many sub collections.

This Eid collection is also divided into sub categories till now they have launched two different luxury formal collections with the name Graphic Pop and Eclectric Dreams.Both collections are different in terms of designs and patterns and will make you stylish in different ways.

Nisha Eid Formal Collection

Graphic Pop

This collection is inspired from graphic designs and shapes designers have converted those designs into traditional art which you can see on different areas of the shirt.Mixed with the floral prints to make bold fashion and style statement in overall look.

This collection have raw silk shirts paired with straight pants available in 2 pcs dress forms with vibrant and bold colors with some luxury embellishments.This collection is more targeted towards young girls because of the fancy patterns and designs.

NL have designed this collection in different way other then their summer lawn because its the festive occasion that’s why more modern and elegant patterns are used.Borderline of the shirt have some floral printed patti that is increasing the beauty of the dress take a look at the image gallery and see the designs launched under this collection.

Eclectric Dreams

This again is 2 pcs collection with some floral designs but more art work that is visible on sides of the shirts in this collection you will have digital printed lawn shirts.Trousers are available in different forms loose and tights but all in plain design matching with the color of the dress.

Very thin and light weight fabrics are available in this collection with beautiful trendy prints that will make you chic during the festive season.Both of these collections are amazing work of art mixed with traditional prints NL have done everything perfectly.

Check out the this collection from the following image gallery and see what other prints are launched under Nisha Eid Formal Collection.


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